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E-Web Recovery Program

Website Discount Quick Filing Form

A service of Campus Suite


As federal E-rate funding for school website services is reduced, schools are seeking budget relief. The E-Web Recovery Program from Campus Suite is helping schools and districts make up for lost government funds by offering discounts for website hosting. 

The E-Web Recovery Program calculates your savings based on the same National School Lunch Program criteria used to administer current E-rate eligible services.

Complete the form to to apply for your school's discount. 


E-Web Recovery Program Savings


  • Discounts your district deserves

    You're entitled to receive a 50% match against the federal funds for which your district is eligible.

  • Making it easy to save

    Use the E-Web Recovery form, and we'll quickly calculate the savings to be applied to your website hosting contract.

  • A flexible web communication platform

    Campus Suite provides a centralized way to reach your school community using websites, notifications and mobile apps.


Request pricing

Your school communication cloud




Beautiful design

Beauty and function combine for easy-to-navigate pages that bring your brand and school stories to life, and make it easy to maintain multi-site branding.


Accessible for everyone

ADA compliance made simple in a fully managed service. All testing, fixes and maintenance – from launch to ongoing monitoring and reporting.


Easy editing

Editing and content tools that are so simple to use that non-technical school staff can easily create, change and manage content with- out any help.


Security and reliability

Automatic failovers and 99.9% uptime guarantee with world-class partners assures data remains safe, and content will always be up and running.


Seamless integration

Seamless integration with SIS and popular education apps like Google Apps for Education and Microsoft 365 for integrated communications.  


Premium support

Continuing support and training for all users, including upgrades and evolving features that reduce the cost of ownership over time.


Hear what our customers are saying...


"Our school district has been very pleased to partner with Campus Suite for our website needs. The process from beginning to launch was seamless. Campus Suite is on the forefront of the complex website rules of ADA compliance."  

Rebecca Fabiano
Hudsonville Public Schools

"The new Grayslake Community High School District 127 website is the centerpiece of our comprehensive communication strategy for students, parents, staff, and community. Thank you Campus Suite for helping us to achieve our communication and design goals!"


Michael Marassa
Grayslake Community High
School District 127