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Campus Suite Academy

Professional Development Webinar Series

Language Translation – How to Streamline Multicultural Parent Engagement

FREE Webinar – Wednesday, April 24, Noon-12:45pm EDT

translation-imageIs your school district doing all it can to reach parents of ESL, LEP and ELL students? This often overlooked segment of parents needs 'a little extra' to be engaged and gain access to critical school information.

Language translation services can have a big and immediate impact on reaching non-English speaking parents. It fosters the support and involvement that can make a big difference in achievement. Did you know your school is required by law to reach out to his growing segment of your school community?

This webinar, Language Translation – How to Streamline Multicultural Parent Engagement, shows you just how easy it is to implement a language translation program in your school district. You'll come away with a full understanding of the steps you need to take to begin engaging your entire non-English speaking community.

Webinar attendees will learn: 

  • The legal requirements for providing translation services 
  • Why Google Translate is not the entire solution
  • How to build your school's multicultural community
  • 8 fast and easy ways to connect to your ESL parents
  • How to put a language-accessible structure in place to keep parents engaged

You can also participate in the live Q&A during the presentation with the featured presenters. All webinar participants get a certificate of completion and free resources to insure their districts are language accessible.

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About the presenters


Jay Cooper is the marketing manager and content strategist for Campus Suite. A former journalist and school public relations specialist, Jay’s experience spans marketing and communications for industry, K-12 and higher education. He has helped businesses, schools and colleges use the power of web communications to improve their image, generate support, and optimize relationships.


Cy Zack is senior account manager for Affordable Language Services, where they take a holistic approach to serving the translation and interpreting needs of education and business clients. She and her staff are committed to solving and overcoming language barriers in school districts and helping them improve how they engage their non-English speaking community. 

Resources to help you grow.

Credit where credit is due

All Campus Suite Academy webinar participants receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ for attendance and participation. Build your continuing education portfolio by attending this and other courses offered through the Academy.


Free Communications Planning Guide

All webinar attendees receive a free Communications Planning Guide, your go-to resource for putting in place a contemporary school communications plan. Includes how-to methods, best practices and real examples of what's working in other schools and districts.


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