Is Google Apps for Education a good fit for my school?

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Google it! Google this, Google that. Google offers educators a comprehensive suite of productivity tools to make collaboration among teachers and students easier and more effective. It's easy, it's all in the cloud, it's free, but is it right for your school?

Webinar attendees will learn: 

  • Will my Microsoft documents work well with Google apps?

  • Just how secure is this data?

  • The degree of in-house IT support required

  • What the hidden costs are when using Google apps for education

  • Tips for implementing Google apps in your district or school

  • Can we integrate our school website into Google apps?

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About the presenter


Eric Fulkert is CEO of Campus Suite. He works with his team to develop web solutions that improve how schools communicate. A former talk show host, Eric delivers entertaining discussion about schools and the use of technology to change educational outcomes.

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